We’re a group of internationalist communists in the Tampa area who are aiming to make our politics relevant and meaningful for the 21st century. To do this we aim to intervene in and develop local struggles and provide channels for education in communist theory and history. Through these activities we hope to make ties with the broader working class in our area, though our focus at this point is not necessarily mass recruitment. We also aim to start a publication containing commentary on current event and new theoretical work. We are not a self-proclaimed vanguard party and instead see ourselves as a part of a collective project between many groups and tendencies to develop a genuine proletarian movement.

Beyond the local level we aim to coordinate with other groups and committees for the larger project of communist regroupment, eventually forming a nation-wide marxist organization with programmatic unity.

Our blog is meant to be a forum of debate within our organization just as much as a means of presenting our political views to a wider audience. Unless stated otherwise entries aren’t official position papers all members completely agree with but do fall under the political guidelines of our stated points of unity as interpreted by the editors. We are a group that stands for open debate and transparency rather than bureaucratic centralism.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. CL of T:
    I am in general political agreement, particularly with your stone insistence upon actual class struggle amongst the “masses” , your ultra-leftism and your dismissal of the posturing “left”.
    thank you,


  2. I like your site, but Debs on the race problem sounds a like Bernie Sanders: it’s all the result of economic inequality. This is not intended as a plea for Sanders—quite the contrary—but rather as a critique of Debs. Du Bois responded by asking, “If Socialism is going to settle the American problem of race prejudice without direct attack along these lines by Socialists, why is it necessary for Socialists to fight along other lines?”

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